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Meet the Team

Marice Watts | College Manager 



Jaymee Sauer | College Administration and Student Support Officer

Lisa Dolby | External Trainer and Assessor

 Lisa is our External Trainer and Assessor at AIECS, overseeing the student training experience. Leaving school in  Grade 11 to pursue a career as an apprentice Chef, Lisa worked in the restaurant industry in New South Wales for  over four years before making the decision to move to sunny Queensland in 1999. After a further 9 months working  at Michael’s on Eagle Street Pier, Lisa found her passion fading due to the long hours and no work/life balance.

 After having two children of her own, Lisa took her first step towards a career in Early Childhood Education and Care  in 2004 gaining a position as a lunch float at a local child care centre. Having found a new passion, Lisa worked her  way up to a Director position and remained working in-centre until 2017. In 2019, Lisa began her career as a trainer  and assessor for AIECS.

 “Having over 17 years’ experience in ECEC, I can relate to my students better as I have worked my way from a casual  lunch float to a director’s position whilst having a family and the pressures of working full time. This has built the  foundation required to have positive rapport and relationships with all my students as I can relate to their needs and  concerns but also celebrate their successes also. This the best part of the job. In her spare time you can find Lisa spending time with her family, going to the beach, and working on her growing succulent collection.

Brooke Dyson | Senior Trainer and Assessor

 Brooke began her career in Early Childhood Education and Care as a trainee in 2008 before working her way up to a  lead educator role in 2010. With a passion for helping others and all things Early Childhood Education, Brooke made  the shift in 2015 from working in-centre to becoming a trainer here at AIECS. With a wealth of knowledge and  experience, she now assists others in paving their own career paths in the Early Childhood Education and Care  industry. With determination and dedication, Brooke has now worked her way up to Senior Trainer and Assessor. 

 Brooke is a mother to 3 children of her own and outside of work loves spending time with family and friends and  going on adventures – whether it be camping, 4x4ing, exploring rainforests or simply jumping in the car and seeing  where the road leads.

 “I enjoy the flexibility of this job and being able to have a great work life balance. I love the social side and the hands-  on approach that we offer. Being able to visit new centres and experience new learning structures and environments  while assisting students with gaining knowledge and confidence in the industry is always a rewarding experience.”

 Through her first-hand experience, Brooke is able to support, prepare and encourage her students for all facets of a  career in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Gemma Poteri | Trainer and Assessor

Gemma has had an extensive career in Early Childhood Education and Care having spent 17 years working in childcare. Six years into her career as a trainer with AIECS, Gemma is now dedicated to sharing all she has learnt about the industry with her students and guiding them through their own Early Childhood Education and Care career journeys.

Gemma is particularly passionate about Learning through Play and Nature Play philosophy - believing children learn best from playing and exploring the great outdoors. Implementing this same approach with her two young daughters at home. During her time at AIECS, Gemma has crafted and implemented a number of creative programs that encourage learning through play including a range of STEM workshops run throughout local services. Alongside this Gemma also teaches regular Professional Development workshops for services, with a special interest in Behaviour Guidance.

Inspired by Claire Warden, Howard Gardener and Batman, Gemma is a hands-on, motivational teacher committed to helping her students flourish and get the most out of their student experience.

Kylie Hughes | Trainer and Assessor

In just over a year, Kylie has accumulated valuable experience and insights that she is eager to pass on to the next generation of educators. Her commitment to her role as a trainer with AIECS demonstrates her passion for the field and her desire to help others succeed. With Kylie's guidance, her students are sure to benefit from her expertise and develop the skills they need to excel in their own careers.

Kylie's journey in the early childhood sector began  in 1996, where she started as an afternoon relief float after school. Through hard work and dedication, she gradually climbed the ranks, eventually attaining the role of Assistant Director. In 2015, she embarked on a new phase of her career by delving into training and assessing, further expanding her expertise and impact within the field.

In her free time, you'll find Kylie with her Family and Friends.

At AIECS, we take pride in fostering a supportive and collaborative team environment. Each member brings a unique blend of knowledge, experiences, and personality to the College, enhancing our shared journey of training and supporting the next generation of Early Childhood Educators.

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